Profile Score

Retrieve a single profile score on the Lens ecosystem
The /profile/score endpoint retrieves a single profile score. Each profile score ranges between 0 and 1, with 0 being the lowest score and 1 being the highest score.
This endpoint requires a strategy parameter as described in the Scoring Strategies section. This strategy simplifies the developer experience abstracting away the EigenTrust Local-Trust and Pre-Trust strategies. Each strategy is pre-computed on a daily basis and applied to each Lens profile.
For details on each strategy ID, see Profile Scoring Strategies
By using the date parameter, you can choose a particular day when the strategies were generated. This is helpful to get a snapshot in time of where each profile scores and ranks are, to help develop time series metrics dashboards for each profile to see how their scores trend over time.

API Documentation

Display a user's profile score

Returns the global profile score of a user based on a strategy.

The strategy name to use such as 'followship', 'engagement', 'influencer', or 'creator'.
The Lens profile handle (with or without the `.lens` extension).
A date, in `YYYY-MM-DD` format, for which to return the historic result. Defaults to the most recent date.
200: OK
Query succeeded.
400: Bad Request
Invalid request, ex: wrong parameters.
500: Internal Server Error
Internal server error, not caused by issues with the request.
You can try out this API at this OpenAPI interface
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