A Message to Farcaster Developers

Using Farcaster social graph data propagated by Farcaster's Hubble, and replicated locally by Farcaster's Replicator, we have launched a set of OpenRank APIs that can help developers building applications, clients, frames or any consumer experience to filter out spam and leverage personalized ranking and recommendations. Using our APIs, developers can leverage and customize the EigenTrust (Pagerank) algorithm to create a ranking and recommendation engine for profiles, frames and casts.

This can be deployed in a multitude of use cases, including but not limited to identifying high quality vs. sybil users for improving feed, profile recommendations, content recommendation, useful frames, airdrops to valueable users and many other social and onchain experiences like onchain feed.

Our implementation of the ranking APIs is built using OpenRank, an open source and verifiable reputation compute protocol.

There’s much more coming up in our roadmap. Let us know if you have any questions. We are available on Telegram and Discord.

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