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Frames Ranking

Discover high quality Frames (casts with frames) based on the ranking of profiles that have casted or engaged with the Frame (cast). The ranking of a Frame depends on a weighted linear combination of the scores of all the profiles that have interacted with the frame (cast) and the parameters of this API are used to control the weights and combination.

Developers can choose their own preferred strategies to rank frames. For simplicity, we have provided a reasonable default parameter setting.

This is a GET request to with a few optional parameters which are described further below.

Endpoint: /frames/global/rankings


  • agg - determines the linear combination method where

    • agg=rms : specifies Root Mean Square,

    • agg=sumsquare : specifies Sum of Squares and

    • agg=sum : specifies a simple summation

  • weights - determines the relative weight of likes to casts to recasts. So, weights=L1C10R5 specifies that a cast of a frame is worth 10 times as much as a like and a recast is worth 5 times.

  • details - a boolean flag determines whether the original cast list should be returned for each frame in the ranking.

  • offset - determines how many results to skip. offset=10 will return the 11th rank onwards

  • limit - determines the number of results returned

Example below using curl, returns the Top 100 ranked profiles using an aggregated sum of squares, with weights Likes=1, Casts=10x, and Recasts=5x

curl -X 'GET' \
  '' \
  -H 'accept: application/json'

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