Step 2: Define Strategies

To define a strategy, we needed to combine several types of attestations together and assign them each a weight. We use Farcaster's social graph data and use a linear combination of peer-to-peer actions such as "Follows", "Recasts", "Mentions", "Comments" to calculate a personalized reputation graph for each user.

This helps in figuring your own network or friends and friends of friends. Anyone can change the algo weights and in no time, the rankings evolve based on new parameters.

An example of attestation types on Lens Protocol are "Follows" represented as "F", "Mirrors" as "M", "Comments" as C. If a developer wish to have "follows" higher weighted than "comments" but lower than "mirrors", then the strategy could assign a higher weight (between 0-10) to F, and lower to C, and higher to M. For example, the engagement strategy has F=6, C=3, and M=8. An example is available on our open-sourced GitHub repository.

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