Lens Protocol

Profile scores calculated daily using an openly verifiable EigenTrust algorithm

Lens Protocol is a composable, scaleable and decentralized social graph designed to be an open ecosystem so that designers and developers can focus on building amazing social experiences, built on the Polygon blockchain.

Karma3 Labs have built and will continue to improve upon profile scoring heuristics and content recommendations. Profile scoring aims to surface each individual profile's scores and highlight profiles exhibiting socially acceptable attestations in the Lens ecosystem, and content recommendation aims to surface new and engaging posts through ranking and classification.

We also provide personalization algorithms that suggest profiles and posts to help surface profiles and content relevant to each and every individual's social network and interests.

Our APIs for profile scores and personalized recommendations help builders in the Lens ecosystem deliver highly relevant and engaging social experiences by giving them access to a readily-available recommendation service and allowing them to focus on building amazing user experiences.

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