A Message to Lens Protocol Developers

Evolution into an open ranking and reputation protocol for decentralized social networks

Karma3 Labs built a reputation system on Lens Protocol and released a profile scoring API, starting with Profile Ranking scores across all users in the Lens Protocol ecosystem:

  • We launched a set of Profile Scoring APIs and you can get started with demos and tutorials

  • We published the documentation describing pre-configured reputation scoring strategies

  • Developers can tryout the API via OpenAPI using the 4 initial scoring strategies

  • We will be opening up APIs for recommended profiles and feeds soon

Karma3 Labs' implementation of the reputation system is an openly verifiable protocol. Using our APIs, developers can leverage the EigenTrust algorithm to create a recommendation engine for profiles and content. This helps reduce spam and sybil behavior and also create a personalized experience for users.

There’s much more coming up in our roadmap. Let us know if you have any questions. We are available on Telegram and Discord.

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